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Frequently Asked Questions:

INFORMATION OUT OF DATE - Please note the Income and Housing Charges will be updated 

Q: What is a Housing Co-op?

A: A housing co-op is a business and a community jointly owned by the people who live here and as owners participation is required.

Q: What information is required when submitting an application?

A: In addition to basic information, Post 83 Co-op Housing also requires you to submit financial information. You must provide your most recent Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada. Please delete your Social Insurance Number. If you are unable to obtain a Notice of Assessment, then Post 83 Co-op Housing will consider alternate, verifiable proof of income such as employment letters, pay stubs and bank statements. We do not proceed with the application process if your financial information is not submitted. For a one bedroom suite you must earn a combined household income of $35,120. For a two bedroom suite you must earn an annual combined household income of $45,120.

Q: How much will I pay?

A: Housing charges vary. Our one bedroom start at $878 up to $992 Our two bedroom start at $1,128 up to $1,225. The housing charge is based on the floor location of the suite. Rates may change in the future.

Q: What is a share purchase?

A: A share purchase is a share you buy to become a member of a co-op. Each share gives a member a vote at general meetings. Our share purchase is $1,500 for a one bedroom and $2,000 for a two bedroom.

Q: Is there a subsidy available?

A: Currently, there is no subsidy available

Q: Do you have wheelchair-accessible suites?

A: Post 83 Co-op Housing has 4 wheelchair accessible suites on the first floor. There are two(2) one bedroom suites and two(2) two bedroom suites on the first floor.

Q: Is there a waitlist?

A: Yes, there is a waitlist.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: No. Pets are not allowed in the building, even as visitors.

Q: Is smoking permitted?

A: Smoking is permitted in suites but not in the common areas including the underground parkade. Smoking is not permitted in suites or on balconies on non-smoking floors (4th, 7th,14th and 22nd) by either members or their guests.

Q: What amenities are available?


  1. Card operated laundry (individual washers and dryers are not permitted in suites)

  2. Lounge

  3. Parking (available at $20.00/month per vehicle)

Q: Do the suites have dishwashers?

A: No. Dishwashers of any kind are not permitted to be brought into the suites.
INFORMATION OUT OF DATE - Please note the Income and Housing Charges will be updated 

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