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Applications Are Open

Accepting applications for 1 and 2-bedroom units.

Download the form and follow the steps outlined below.


We seek active volunteers and community members committed to giving back to our co-op.

Only successful candidates will be contacted

due to the high volume of applications.

4221-mayberry-post-83-housing-1 (1).jpg

Steps to apply


Required Documents:

  • Photocopy of the most recent Notice of Assessment from the CRA for each applicant.

  • Alternative proof of income (employment letters, pay stubs, bank statements) if the NOA is unavailable.


Processing & Credit Check Fees:

  • A total of $50, covering both the credit check and processing fee, is required at the time of the interview.


Submission Instructions:

Mail completed applications to:

Post 83 Co-operative Housing Association
Attention: Membership Committee
4221 Mayberry Street, Suite 106
Burnaby, BC V5H 4E8


Waiting List Policy:

To stay on the list,  email before your 6-month period ends, stating that you wish to remain on the list and that your originally submitted information is correct. If there have been changes to your contact information, family situation, or income, please re-submit a new application.

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